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... i inherit nothing. i am what i do.

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Roshan aka Rosh .

Simple guy, simple thoughts, simple art.

Ex-3D Animator by profession.Worked for Ittina Animation Studios, B'lore, India for 2 1/2 years and had a late realization that the sketches and scribbles he made on the sketchbook on every occasional animation play-blasting break was way much more interesting to him than animating. So now he animates only for fun, and as a hobby .

He has been following his art for last two years quite seriously and is very happy with the results so far. Nowadays He stays with a couple of friends, freelancing as a team.

Handles all sorts of projects that grabs his interest and gives room for exploring art. He does Children's book Illustrations and coloring , Comic books,  Single page Illustrations and covers, Concept art and Speed paintings,Character Design and development.

He doesn't enjoy doing logos, brochures and other graphic design works. But he loves watching creative graphic designs browsing through other people's blogs.

He paints one piece of art everyday for fun, and that's what you see in this Artfolio. 

He likes movies ( All kinds of them ). Music ( non-metal-non-house-music that is) . Photography ( All that can be done with a Canon EOS 1000D ). Rock climbing and trekking and beaches ( yay! just waiting for a vacation). books( Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchet, Ayn rand) and graphic novels (All that gets in his way+Calvin and hobbes!) .

His superpowers includes Ability to pass through narrow passages, 2 pairs of extra eyes , Ability to sleep with his eyes open ( proved very effective in maths classrooms), super-brain to do the same mathematical problem many times to come up with a variety of  results, Day dreaming, Individual eyebrow movement skills etc etc

Enjoy the art. Leave comments. Be harsh on criticism or  Buzz him for freelance jobs.