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... i inherit nothing. i am what i do.

Enjoy you meal!

Another footsie dinner ..ahem ..i mean.. another vector art :D

Indijoe Nightout

saturday hangout gang at Indijoe.

Miss these ppl and Bangalore and free pitchers of Beer

Lady d' Vulturae -whatever heck that means!

Just a stylization of the Himalayan vulture i saw in the zoo last week, on a sketching session conducted by our lil group Libre Artisti [link]

Moon Bunny -making friends


" O' Moonbunny'sh Moonbunny, ye'r just a buncha craters on the moon ..!"

My entry for Imaginism's Fanart contest. The line art is by Bobby Chiu .. Coloring and the BG by Me and my photoshop cs2 :D

Wish me luck ppl :)