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... i inherit nothing. i am what i do.

Some Style check :)

some concept studies i've done for different 3d animated short movies.

Hot Hot Hot


Global warming ain't no myth

Act now or melt later...

Protect our forests...!

Little Witch of Dead Doll Woods

A child book style illustration. done with pencils,ink in A3 paper. coloring process going on...

Face Study 1

Just an attempt to capture a familiar face ;) sketch in photoshop..took around 3-4 hours...


There again...! Everything goes perfect, life runs smooth, no system seems corrupt around ask yourself, is something terribly wrong about all this perfection! no! it can't's not natural..But you take life as it treats you, accepting all the comfort with a doubtful grin.. ....and one night you stay awake walking down the memory lane... sleep and dreams won't dare come near you...and you search yourself... everything seems so dark..a future darker than the night itself..or a future too bright that makes you blind! you know you should get out..light up your lantern ..go in search for all you let go swimming with the flow of life...find everything you held precious once...your dreams..your hope..the long lost spontaneity of life... find it all.. find yourself... eternal search....

trying different styles

Rain and the Bamboos - a test using painted and photoshop for a traditional look

The Mountain man came out,stopping the bulldozers... and roared...! lol :D Another quick painting

The Defeated - Trying to see if Grey can serve the purpose of black..and guess what.. i liked the way it came out !