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... i inherit nothing. i am what i do.

trying different styles

Rain and the Bamboos - a test using painted and photoshop for a traditional look

The Mountain man came out,stopping the bulldozers... and roared...! lol :D Another quick painting

The Defeated - Trying to see if Grey can serve the purpose of black..and guess what.. i liked the way it came out !


Mitali P said...

Woah! I liked the second painting very much, the lights are almost overwhelming and they reflect on the rain, I can almost imagine the story in my head...

Karen Carlson said...

Hi Roshan - I'm Karen, and I like your "The Defeated" and would like to use it to illustrate a blog post of mine (A Just Recompense, ). I plan to run the post Tues 7/30/13 at 8am; I'll credit you in a hover and link back to this blog post. You can contact me at sloopie72 at gmail. Nice work!

Roshan k said...

Sure Karen. :)

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