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... i inherit nothing. i am what i do.

Agent 47

A tribute to my favorite Game character. They Murdered him in the movie though :(

How did it go? Last Decade!

When I looked back I saw blurr.. But as I squint my eyes, I could see little milestones floating around in the see of blur.. here they are...

I realized I did nothing worth remembering from 2000 till 2004 !Daymn!

...Learned science, then switched to Journalism, then worked as animator for 2 years and then found Art.. then everything else looked like a path to reach there...Destiny

..I found love,I lost love, then I found love again, lost love again; kept on finding and losing it along with many other tags, and then I met Art... True love; Undying passion

...I started a college magazine, Founded a dance team ( :P) , Started Mirchiz Animation Studios, Animated in a Disney series, when I lost fun in all that Found art and now going to roll with Libera Artisti... Dream come true

..I Lost weight, joined Gym.. lost more weight..stopped gym..went Yoga.. lost weight again.. then I Found Art.. now only my Girlfriend is bothered about my weight.. I became one with the weightlessness.. Nirvana

If u ask me about the Major Turning points of my life in last decade ,I'd say ..

The Good things
  • * The day the interview panel said my art was not good enoughto join the Fine Arts College . ( I love this day)
  • * The day I met Kish (2004)and Sinu(2005),
  • * The day we decided to sit with 10 other classmates in Toonz and started telling stories in front of the teashop(2004),
  • *The day we started Mirchiz studio (2005),
  • * The day I got job in Ittina Animation Studios (2006),
  • # The day I read The Fountainhead * (2008), ( The best day)
  • * The day we teamed up and started Libera Artisti (2009),
  • * The day I met Lilia (2010),
  • * and The day Libera Artisti became a Studio (1,1,2011).
Biggest Disappointments
  • * The Year I wasted trying to pass the Engg/Medical Entrance ( yes ,been there.. Rank 32,000 :D )
  • * The day we closed Mirchiz (2006),
  • * The Day Ittina Animation studios went down
  • * Hitman -the movie(2007)
Over the years I Met a lot of Great people ( very unlikely if u know the introvert I am ) , Found my other two brothers, Myke and Vinay, Learned a lot about art, Shared most of the things I learned, Helped a few people to take their baby steps in artland, Made something that I can call a portfolio, Inspired people with bits and pieces of what i called art ( being humble there ,see. :P ) and a lot of status updates that I copy from dead old wise men ;) , became a stronger atheist, saw the North of India, Struggled without money (Not food, thanks to kish's mom and dad and mine), Found a girl with a dream of her own.. what more to do in 10 years? I'm happy and no time to look through the Blurr.. it's Time to roll With Libera Artisti...
May be ,after 100 years, if facebook still exist and I have time to sit and relax and write..I'd find more stuff from the blurr.
Now, tell me how did it go for you? 2000-2010 ?

Libera Artisti - My Team

A New Year. A New start. Libera Artisti is gonna be a Production house for Animation and Graphic novels from this year. The Team will be headed by Me ,Kish and Sinu with a bunch of talents we gather. 2011 is gonna be Exciting.. New office building, New machines and definitely updating my old tablet and cs2 version of buddy photoshop into latest stuff.. Until the next announcement of our Comic book series comes up..I'll stop blabbering and keep this place for artwork. Excuse this time for I'm all Excited :)

Here' we unveiled the New logo of Libera Artisti. Happy New year People and Thanks a lot for the encouragement over the years.

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