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... i inherit nothing. i am what i do.

God of War- fan art



ha ha ..true FAN art! I'm playing it on my psp 24x7! the game's awesome..

Hood- a poster for my friend.

... A test design for Sinu's 'The Hood' :) I'm not gonna introduce sinu or hood in here.. u gotta wait for it..until it's Time :-D

Well, a poster design for an upcoming Event. just a promotional poster,nothing more. this is Mr.hood. i am not authorized to reveal more about him :) so wait.




Taken.... to Glory...


Own Characters


yep. own designs.


My version of him. The idea of this character comes from my friend. he got his own version and here's mine:)

Some gangster kinda guy.





A couple of experiments on Wolverine :)

The Mighty Version

My fav - The Skinny version


Daily sketch- My Favorite Heros


Started this new routine of doing at least one cleaned up sketch every day. so here's a post with latest sketches i did on paper. mostly famous comic heroes ,with some stylization.. inspired by various artists and styles.. but my own frames, my own imagination of the shot.. it's just a few heroes i borrowed :)


This is for you kish. and for your Aphrodite. My stylization of his 'mightiness'

Death of Superman

Had been visualizing the death of Superman and victory of Lux in mind ever since i started watching Smallvillie :) Finally, i put it on paper. Here's my hero, struck down with kryptonite .


All time Favorite since my childhood. time to pay Tribute:) Son of the jungle is out to get his prey.