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... i inherit nothing. i am what i do.

.... Back to real medium.


Feels much better with Black ink and paper. Had been wandering in the Digital Ocean, looking for something I can call my own. A style. A Confident line. An image that have something to say about myself.

So don't ask why is this blog when I have so many of them filled with digital stuff. This is a crusade, with real medium..just for sketches..for find that style I know I had but got buried somewhere somehow while chasing the digital fantasy...

Feels it's time to go in dig it up.. Swim down to the dark depths from the colorful digital find the 'thing', the style that some day some guy will recognize with my name. A signature that will blend as a watermark with everything I leave on paper... This crusade begins through the comic styles...experimenting with lines all the way..

So, feel free to comment, criticize, suggest, be rude, be encouraging or just jump in to chop my head off for plagiarism .. :)

.... Begins, the comic crusade.