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... i inherit nothing. i am what i do.

some new works

Silence of the sheep ...

Music,rain,blanket,coffee..a lazy sunday morning...

Ooh..what's that smell?

Graveyard of paperboats

...After the long voyage, all the boats came to a stop
at the ultimate graveyard of paper boats...
Damped, drowning and dead..
..And I ran home,smiling, dreaming of a bigger,better one...

The Bigfish Ride

Rapunzel's plight (a collab with kish's poetry)

ten million fireflies

Cats and the moon

Early morning painting

Experimenting on colors again


poof! said...

oooh i lovved this stuff so much! You guys are amazing! Kish's writing is so brilliant!! you guys got urself one fan here!!


Manish Bhatt said...

Awesome work Roshan. Loved it. Sent you add request on facebook. (Me, I'm just a fanboy)

Shalloshado said...

Became your words 2 express such explicit creativity !

Smitha said...

Rosh&Kish - what a fantastic duo! You guys will ALWAYS be my inspiration! :)

Richa Singh said...

its beautiful !