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... i inherit nothing. i am what i do.

i came here to talk


a very experimental piece of work..

secret revealed :D

Done in A3 paper, pasted the human figure ,cut in a lil thick paper, on it...with a pretty old toothbrush and diluted ink for the spray effect and a sponge piece for the thick fog. sprayed poster color white smudged with my friend's iron Nan-chak ( i didn't find any tool to smudge it before it gets dry ...and yeah, he doesn't know yet,unless he noticed the white patches :lol: ) and the whole thing cropped and inverted in photoshop.. a few drops of blood with a ps brush and some letters on in a frame..

lemme know if u guys like the result :D :D

"I just came here to talk... "

hmmmm! .


Diable Cortez said...

I like the overall creepiness, bt the eyes seem out of the place...I would not want to talk to that guy though...

666 said...

:) that's the whole point. (i'm sure that's not b'coz u didn't like the eyes, is it? :D )